Look Younger & Feel Radiant This Summer with “Eyesenital”

If your jetting off somewhere hot and sunny this summer and want to look your best sipping cocktails by the pool, don’t forget to pack some Eyesential. This magic eye gel is the wonder product celebs have been keeping hush hush for years  – and it’s now available to everyone!

Eyesenital is a unique gel that instantly gets rid of unwanted eye bags, puffiness and dark circles around the eye area, as well as masking fine lines wrinkles. Originally designed to be used by Hollywood stars on film sets, it is completely invisible once applied. All you have to do is put it on once in the morning and the amazing anti-ageing effects will still be visible 8 hours later.

The fast-acting gel contains a unique combination of sodium silicate, magnesium and iron oxide. Once it has been applied under the eye area it gets to work immediately; forming a film over the skin, gently lifting the whole area. Not only will it banish any nasty fine lines, but it also brightens and lifts the whole eye area, which makes it perfect to wear while on holiday when you want to look your best.

Eyesential has the backing of many celebrity make-up artists including Louise Constad who tends to the faces of A-listers including Erin O’Connor, Danni Minogue and Cate Blanchett. “I use Eyesential on my clients regularly and I’ve never come across a product that has such astonishing results, says Louise. I have tried so many products throughout my career and never have I found one as effective as Eyesential. You can actually see it working. It’s a miracle worker. It’s one of my make-up bag essentials and i wouldn’t go anywhere without it”