RX Flawless Eyes Amazon Customer Reviews

5 Star Customer Reviews

on 18 October 2014
It really works but you need to follow the instructions regarding application carefully otherwise it can leave the skin itchy.
on 6 October 2014
Fantastic product, really works and is easy to use..
on 5 February 2015
I saw this advertised on television and thought” yeah right “. I had to check it out for myself, it works it really does work. I put it on then wait a few minutes. Then I use my concealer powder and bingo I look 10 years younger.
on 18 April 2015
Fantastic really does work although u have to really master putting on.
No good if u cry it goes all crispy and face face looks awful
on 31 January 2015
Have purchased this item 3 times for my mum. She took her time learning how to apply it and is 100% happy hence the number of purchases.Needs a bit of patience at first to use it correctly, but it does work and I can see the difference on her.
on 5 March 2015
Excellent product it does what it says. I use it every day and I’m on my second bottle. Just avoid putting product on on top of other products like creams or cleanser to get best results.just use wet wipes on eye bag area
on 6 May 2015
good quality, fast service
on 3 January 2015
Does everything it says on the box.
on 26 February 2015
Being a 58 year old – old biker – this is like riding the Harley – doing a ton without the crash hat. (I don’t speed though). Thanx…..”The Coffinbagger”